Are you getting creative with kids during lockdown?

Are you getting creative with kids during lockdown?

With lockdown continuing and schools sending lots of academic work home (even for little ones by all accounts) I know parents are still looking for ideas for fun stuff to do with their kids. The creative curriculum is all too easily pushed out during the school timetable, so lockdown is a really good chance to spend time doing all the activities that get missed when classrooms are open.
I’m hoping that parents are being given the same message that I’ve had from my son’s school that the expectation isn’t that every single bit of work that is sent home is completed! The wellbeing of children is the most important thing throughout lockdown and getting creative can be a real boost to the mental health of kids and parents alike.

For this post we’ve teamed up with Baker Ross to tell you about a brilliant monthly Craft-It! Box which you can get on subscription delivered to your door. It is aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 9 years of age. It can be really difficult to get hold of craft supplies at the moment with our limited ability to go out, so this is a great solution.

I don’t know about you but I can get a little overwhelmed with the huge amount of ideas and projects out there, there are so many – so this ready made kit appeals! The craft boxes have been really well thought through, with two craft packs, an activity book, and stickers.

A lovely touch is the fact the box will arrive addressed to your child – what a way to brighten their lockdown day!

As well as the subscription box the Baker Ross website is packed full of art and craft supplies and there is also a brilliant resource bank for parents and teachers full of ideas for even more creative activities. Their products are used by lots of schools, childminders and parents as they are of really good price and quality. Here’s some little sewing projects I made with some Key Stage 2 children with felt from their website.
Be warned though – if you love browsing online you could lose yourself in their website for hours!

If you click through to Baker Ross from this blog post Educompendium will receive a small amount which we will put towards creating more resources to see you through lockdown.

We’d love to see anything you create – email photos or comments to