Educompendium has developed a unique package of Learner Support Services. It is targeted at learners who are undertaking GCSE and A level examinations but is available for learners at all age levels.
This support package operates along the lines of having a private tutor for a curriculum subject, but our special tutors will focus upon study skills and time management as well as examination technique. Our focus will also be upon writing and research skills, making the use of all the resources that are available to learners on the internet. We introduce learners to apps and resources to allow them to study smarter. We teach them balance their time and manage their workload and to develop study skills which will stand them in good stead for years to come.

We provide one to one support in the learners home and online sessions via Skype and through e-learning for those who don’t live in our locality.
During school holidays we have full day and half day study group sessions available which are perfect for revision and examination preparation.

We offer in depth exam preparation and with our background in examination management, we are able to provide insight into what the examiners are looking for, how to write succinct and effective essays and how to time manage the actual examinations themselves.
We are experienced in working with learners who have mental health issues and anxiety, offering bespoke support and strategies to manage stress and communicating learners need to the school.

Another of our areas of expertise is in relation to the rights of Learners to have appropriate exam access arrangements as well as ongoing support and assessment of needs within the classroom. We work with learners and their families to help ensure that any additional needs are being met by the school.