Our tuition package is designed to support children of Primary Age who are continuing home schooling during lockdown or who need additional support, as the curriculum in class has become very restricted due to coronavirus social distancing measures impacting upon teaching.

The weekly tuition and support consists of:

Work sent via wizer.me which is completed online and then will be be teacher marked and returned via the wizer.me portal.

You will also receive a downloadable printable book of resources to supplement and reinforce the work provided online – see examples in the photographs.

We expect that the work provided would be an minimum of an hours work a day and it will be written to the National Curriculum aims for your child’s year group. If there are particular areas of support your child needs then we can incorporate these into the work provided on wizer.me.

Our aim is to provide a package which is tailored to your child and an essential part of our offer is support for the parent. You will be able to contact us via email or via a Zoom, Skype session or phone call to talk though any concerns you have about your child’s progress and homeschooling for no additional cost.
We are also happy to support parents to work through materials provided by your child’s school if this works better for you.

A traditional tutor charges up to £35 per hour but we have set the cost of our tuition and support package at £15 per child per week in order to help parents at this very difficult time.

If you would like to go ahead with booking your child onto our programme then please email caroline@educompendium.com and we will be in touch to start putting together a tailored package.