Creative Kids need Educompendium Create

It’s an exciting day at Educompendium because today after lots of hard we have launched the first craft kit under the banner of Educompendium Create. Making and designing is an integral part of the National Curriculum and we believe that all children should learn craft skills and be provided with lovely materials to experiment with.

Our Learn to Weave Kit has been carefully developed to encourage everyone who picks it up to learn how to weave the proper way – we haven’t just thrown some yarn in a box! We have written a full colour step by step guide to weaving provided it in a downloadable instruction book rather than print. This means that you can have the instructions on your phone or iPad and you will never lose that vital piece of paper.

We made the weaving kit a lovely thing to receive with beautiful packaging and so it would make a brilliant gift. We are able to provide larger quantities of the kits for small groups in schools or even for a group of friends to have a go – just email

Get your weaving kit here

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