School return delayed until after Easter?

With the news this morning that Gavin Williamson may, within days, officially announce the delay of the return of schools until after Easter there will be many parents and teachers alike feeling slightly despairing today. It’s already been a long hard road for all involved. Who would have thought last March with the sudden implementation of the first Lockdown (or Lockdown 1.0 as we like to fondly call it) we would be still teaching and learning from home in January 2021. I remember driving to the supermarket in the first week of our proper Stay at Home period and feeling like this was such an surreal situation but genuinely believing that it would all blow over quickly.

Schools, teachers, parents and not forgetting learners themselves have done a fantastic job of sustaining education in this strange new world. Education related businesses have done their bit and more to provide services for families and schools at low or no cost. Here at Educompendium there are free resources on site and I will continue to create and give away resources as the lockdown continues. I had fantastic support from Martin Lewis’ team at Money Saving Expert during the first lockdown who featured the downloadable activity books I created for Primary age children in their newsletter twice leading to over 12000 downloads being given away – these can are still available in the shop section of this website. I’ll be tweeting out more freebies on a weekly basis so if you are on Twitter give our new account @EduCompendium follow to ensure you don’t miss out.

Hard times are easiest to deal with when you keep in mind that nothing stays the same forever – there is an end in sight. We just need to continue to support each other and we will make it through to the other side – meantime stay safe.

Creative Kids need Educompendium Create

It’s an exciting day at Educompendium because today after lots of hard we have launched the first craft kit under the banner of Educompendium Create. Making and designing is an integral part of the National Curriculum and we believe that all children should learn craft skills and be provided with lovely materials to experiment with.

Our Learn to Weave Kit has been carefully developed to encourage everyone who picks it up to learn how to weave the proper way – we haven’t just thrown some yarn in a box! We have written a full colour step by step guide to weaving provided it in a downloadable instruction book rather than print. This means that you can have the instructions on your phone or iPad and you will never lose that vital piece of paper.

We made the weaving kit a lovely thing to receive with beautiful packaging and so it would make a brilliant gift. We are able to provide larger quantities of the kits for small groups in schools or even for a group of friends to have a go – just email

Get your weaving kit here

Do you love Peace at Last by Jill Murphy? Get your free downloadable activity book worth £3.50

Any parent or teacher who knows the brilliant book Peace at Last by Jill Murphy will feel in sympathy with Daddy Bear as we struggle to find any peace during lockdown. The timeless story of how Daddy Bear goes in search of a quiet place to sleep has been around on bookshelves and in classrooms for forty years now. It’s a brilliant story for using in Early Years to teach the differences between day and night, looking at nocturnal animals, talking about routines and even talking about how worries and fears can keep children awake at night.

I’ve created a 12 page downloadable print at home activity book which is styled like a picture book. I make my activity books with full colour pages – I don’t know about you but I think kids deserve better than the standard photocopiable worksheets that are widely available on download sites. If we want kids to enjoy learning then we should present them with stuff that looks fantastic – the picture book styling though it uses a little more ink is worth it to ensure they love seeing and completing the activity books. By laminating the games and worksheet you can also revisit them time and again.

If you don’t have a copy of Peace at Last you can get one here – we’ve teamed up with Waterstones and if you choose to buy through this link I will receive a small commission which will go towards the cost of creating more

I’m making the Activities Inspired by Peace at Last Activity book FREE to download as an introduction to my books and a way of helping parents and teachers during lockdown – usual price is £3.50.

Get your FREE download here

I have reduced absolutely everything on the site until lockdown is over as a further way of thanking parents and teachers for all they are doing. Please spread the word about the website and resources – come back and add a review if you have time. We are on Facebook and Instagram too.
I only launched right before lockdown and your support is so valued at this tricky time. Don’t forget to have a look our other books in the shop

Caroline (Owner